Old Dogs


I listen
to music
almost every
waking moment

forms of rock
my favorites
violently moving something
deep in the viscera
a bedrock vibration
making me feel a part
of some greater reality
one more fundamental
than the everyday
trivialities that try
to consume
my life

I listen
but it's more
a dynamic quality
of tones and rhythms
not slowing
for analysis

I hear
the lyrical content
but do not
dwell upon it
other than to recognize
a refrain here
and there

I'm concerned more
with the relationship
of voices
to melodies
and back beats
the words
another instrument
more to impart feeling
than to convey

some individuals
are concerned
with the words
and their apparent meanings
needing to know
each lyric
and its assumed
that they may miss
some hidden revelation
or nuance
of expression

these people
are alien to me
but are probably the majority
making me once again
a freak in the show
only because
I want music
as an art
existing to express emotion
and not to edify
those listening
for their own
secret messages

so please
don't ask me
what that word
or what
that phrase

they are not
unto themselves
but part of an overall
musical mosaic

as are
we all
in the measures
of life