Old Dogs


off and on
I spent
over a decade
doing electronics

not because
I had
any great love
for the endeavor
but mainly as a result
of having a predisposed aptitude
for the required
math and science
pointing a young man
who otherwise
had little talent
or ambition
in any field
toward one that
could possibly provide
some monetary security
and small amount
of relative

for those
similar choices
please take into account
that there is nothing sleek
nor esthetic
about electricity
in any form

it is
a fat
and lazy animal
with spiteful tendencies
and should probably be
avoided at all costs
for it takes
special joy
in striking down those
who consider that have
possibly mastered
its erratic nature

treat it
with caution
and a certain contempt
or it may just
reach out
and kill

electronic devices
while appearing fairly chic
with their fancy lights
digital readouts
and esoteric controls
are by association
in league
with the beast

they have
their own
and moody personalities
seemingly derived
from the collective
negative characteristics
of the people
who touch them

they are pieces
of technological terror
waiting for some human
whom they can
and abuse

I think of
Ben Franklin
Thomas Edison
Nikola Tesla
William Shockley
and those of their ilk
with questionable regard
for the "enlightenment"
they have inspired

their remains
should be unceremoniously
and thrown
into a common pit
along with the technology
they helped to inspire
with a thick
layer of excrement
before being buried
and perpetually sealed
in a concrete tomb
like some

it has been
well over a year
I have switched on
a high tech oscilloscope
and contemptuously probed
an electronic quagmire
looking for a clue
of malfunction

I can hardly
that I ever
spent my days
in such a sordid

even now
out of work
I could never consider
going back to freely
prostitute myself
in such a career
of alchemistic

I have
jumped ship
as they say
embracing the literary
in hope
of some distant
and satisfying

more than likely
I'll only end up
with horribly familiar
and caustic conclusions
leaving me to believe
that the only option
is to turn
the damn thing on
stand back

WAY back

a silent prayer
to myself
and hope
for the clear air
of success