Old Dogs


a cruel sound
that many
find difficult
to digest

it's known
by a host
of different names
heavy metal
speed metal
industrial metal
there's definitely
metal involved
and some
consider it
The Devil's

my demons
are calmed
by its onslaught
a strong sensation
of connecting with something
outside the façade
of our daily

the attraction
is a mystery
but this vicious noise
seems to have replaced
the rampant creatures of chaos
consuming my mind
throughout all those years
of continual drinking

a time
paradoxically in which
I was more inclined
to listen to the less biting
rock of the sixties and
early seventies
to accompany
my consumption
of alcohol

I think
that it's a type
of adolescent return
to the head banging years
of my still
sober youth

a time
when the tunes
were our only vehicle
to propel us beyond
the boring borders
of the commonplace

alcohol came
to serve the same
but more severe

I guess
I'm 17 again
as anyone
who's been subjected
to my unsettling
listening preferences
would probably

for some reason
it speaks to me
in an intense way
few other things

a dark nation
lurking on the fringes
of our mundane establishment
and the only way
to become a part
of its reeling reality
is through an absolute
and assiduous assault
upon the sedate
dulled and damned
by our society

when the numbing
normality of the day
smothers the suffering brain
with the sickening pap
of the musical majority
I can hang on
by shooting a few
heavy lines of metal
through the thinkpot
to clear out the sludge
and bring back
a sharpness
an edge
to existence

the only thing
that renders
the process

I reach
for the volume
both cringing
and smiling
in anticipation