Old Dogs


this is personnel
calling about the position
you interviewed for yesterday
please contact us
as soon as

I had the job
and I didn't even want
the damn thing

they say
that everyone
has to work
for a living

of course
they had worked
all their lives
indignant to be trapped
and just as mortified
that I wasn't willing
to join them

personnel again
please call me by 2pm
regarding the position
I need to talk to you
right away"

the machine
was mocking
my laziness
10am on a Friday
when most people
were watching the clock
their waning workweek
drawing to a close
while I stared
out the window
for salvation

this is the employment bureau
the company just called me
and wants to talk to you
about filling their vacancy
you're at the top of the list
it sounds promising
way to go"

top of the list?
way to go?
I was more
than over qualified
for their dead end job
but apparently
under qualified
for living
a meaningful

this personnel AGAIN
I must talk to you
before close of business today
call me as soon
as you get in"

I took
the phone
off the hook
and erased all messages
there'd be something
decent to watch
on TV


it was really
too late
in the week
to start anything