Old Dogs


this morning
the radio was tuned
(not by my hand)
to a top forty
pop station
(as most do these days)
in nonstop DJ drivel
rather than music

even when
the tunes
are spoardically played
they are not
of the type
I would really
want to hear

each day
they have a question
of the morning
to inspire
their listening public
to call in
and provide amusement
for their less vocal peers
by suffering
the ridicule
of the program's
comedic hosts

today's question
dealt with romantic

the station
was inundated
with callers anxious to share
their emotional failures
over the open

I criticize
as is my nature
but I do realize
that my own collection
of laughable relationships
is no less ridiculous
than those I heard

I do have
the consolation
of knowing
that mine
are broadcast
to a far smaller
and more erudite