Old Dogs


we saw it
almost every time

a new man
on station
spirits clearly soaring
recent contact
with civilization
still warming his skin
talk of wild times
endless parties
and heated episodes
of extended sexual pleasure
dominated his conversation
for weeks
on end

as isolation
began to close
its chilling shroud
the memories began to lose
their photographic intensity
the stories grew tamer
and much less layered
in libidinal desire
to the level
where quiet nights
of dining out
and heavy petting
took precedence
in the realm
of romance

months went by
and the daydreams
became slowly filled
with simpler scenarios
such as holding hands
in front of the TV
home-cooked meals
washing the car
in summer sunshine
or walking the dog
down tree-shaded lanes
waving to neighbors
and exchanging

then finally
the snow drifted in
and the world was viewed
in terms of square feet
instead of square miles
the most minimal freedoms
became paramount
to the point
of obsession

all that I want
is to sit
in a diner
sip some hot coffee
brought by a waitress
and read a paper...
TODAY'S paper
not one from
two weeks ago
is that too much
to ask?"

we would
sadly shake
our collective head
knowing full well
that once he was back
in the lower forty eight
he would forget to pursue
the simpler pleasures
concentrating instead
on life's more lurid
of daily diversions

so would
we all