Old Dogs


in the evening
making our way home
after attending to a few
of those extraneous activities
necessary to maintain
everyday existence
the boulevard
already clogged
with the teenage traffic
of yet another generation
driving up and down
the popular route
of the day
seeing and being seen
hoping for a taste
of the life
yet to come

a passenger
free for random
visual observations
I'm able to notice up ahead
posted beside the entrance
of a supermarket parking lot
a middle aged couple
man and woman
a bit downtrodden
and derelict
the all too common
present day placard
no one stopping
hope passing
them both by
as do we

behind the pair
three late model autos
are strategically parked
for maximum visibility
a group of adolescents
clad in new fashions
lounge in and upon
the shiny machines
and watch the parading throng
of their similarly graced
tastefully mobile comrades
they chatter and laugh
at their youthful perceptions
of such a sheltered life
oblivious to the despair
directly in front
of them

I notice
these things
as we drive slowly past
my girlfriend at the wheel
of her aging vehicle
me without
a driver's license
or a car of my own

she's my sole support
no work for me
in months now
due primarily
to self perceived
confusion and disillusionment
and I watch
the passing scene
that I am no part
of either group
but none too happy
with my own
less the enviable
public position

as we continue
the crowded avenue
my aimless attention drifts
to less disturbing distractions
as I sightlessly contemplate
my newly realized status
in the social rank
of the unconcerned