Old Dogs


I saw
the snake
from my left
now a young woman
stands harmlessly
in its place
I hover complacently
over a wind swept sea
of wavering golden wheat
glowing in the sunshine
where only seconds ago
I stood
in a dark sebaceous slime
crawling with creatures
defying earthly

it seems
so easy now
when I encounter
unsolicited scenes
I change them
without effort
hardly having to concentrate
more and more my dreams
begin as I would desire
to have them end
leaving me little
to improve
or alter

my waning
waking hours
have become a time
to the mental exercise
needed to control
those sleeping images
hardly noticing any longer
the pointless activity
of the non-sleeping populace
rushing about me

I neglect all
but the most basic
of life's requirements
I'm almost an apparition
thoughtlessly going through
the motions of perceived reality
anxiously awaiting the time
when I will once again
exist with impunity
answerable only
to my own code
of compassion
and justice

recently though
my sleeping kingdom
has come to tire me
at certain times
any willing universe
of one's own making
presents very little
in the way
of spontaneity
forcing me to create
predictable nightmares
the slaying of expected demons
unsatisfying endeavors
unworthy of the act
of their

other options
need to be explored
either return entirely
to the waking world
living on its terms
of numbing sameness
or strive beyond
my childish use of dreams
to look for hidden doorways
out of my limited
imaginary realm
relinquishing my reign
in order to reside
on another plane
forever removed
from this land
of limited

will they find
of my earthly remains
when I no longer require
a mortal dwelling
for my thoughts
and ambitions?
will they wonder
what destructive force
extinguished the light
or merely credit
my condition
to insanity
and neglect?

there will be
nothing left to find
all corporeal vestiges vanished
my insignificant matter
converted to the energy
needed for that final
the limitations
of both matter
and mind