Old Dogs


I remember
the carefree days
of mindless activity
pursuing the exhilaration
of escape
through the sands
of detachment
at the expense
of those about me
only later
to return to the comfort
of their orderly homes
finding sanctuary
as my attentions
again returned
to matters

that arid expanse
engulfs my existence
the realities which I treated
with carelessness and disdain
are now far superior
to my own
paltry conceptions
I am only an interloper
trespassing in a region
that I can neither master
nor even influence
as it patiently waits
to destroy my desires
absorb my meager life
and remove my
paltry threat
of dominion

I feel
that my future
resides in that desert
my life will become one
with its dry denizens
the days
of my amusement
and confusion
gone forever
as the serenity
of the wasteland
comforts and
receives me
as a son

I see a man
high on the dunes
surveying the remains
of his dormant machinations
created by uncaring motives
longing to conquer all
but in the end
not able to vanquish
his own irrationality
and fear

that man
will be me
bearing witness
to the crumbling structures
of my petty reign of self
keeping a hopeful vigil
for a final haven
in the cleansing
rays of the