Old Dogs


should relate
the matters at hand
to those who refuse
to recognize
the obvious fact
they've been missing the point
through all the years
or their miserably
lonely lives

yesterday's dogs
of downtrodden ecstasy
have arisen to intrude
upon the sensibilities
of mom and pop
and sister sue
warping the reality
of their comfy world
into which all too many
have been undeservedly

could predict
the drastic effect
that terroristic threats
and fast food joints
might have upon
an unsuspecting
who only want
unlimited cheap gas
for their eight cylinders
so that they can prowl
the streets of night
in isolated

possibly neither
the sadistic precipitators
nor the piss-soaked crowds
have even an inkling
of their mutual fates
so opposed but intertwined
on the nearing horizon
of goals unachieved
and fantasies

soon now
the reckoning
will commence
the guilty
and guiltless
all herded together
into an inescapable
mass destiny
where justice
is a stranger
and compassion
to exist

they will not
be missed