Old Dogs


we hide them
carefully away
in ivory institutions

our fellow humans
with alternative methods
and different ways
of dealing
with their miserable

they just
to cut it
on the outside
they don't understand
the imperatives
of job
and family

having most
of these problems myself
I want to believe
that the nature
of these unfortunate folk
is not far removed
from our own
the difference
seeming to be
they were pushed
one too many times
away from the mainstream
until our illusions
became their

I sense
a nearing future
when the disenfranchised
will be in the majority
ruling a new world
of their own making
committing the remainder
who cling
to outmoded ideas
to similar dwellings
where analysis
will take on
unfamiliar form
and the questions
that they will ask
will probably
make more sense
than the ones
that we now
ask them

"why here and there?"

"why now and then?"

"why me and you?"

"why god?"

of course
they'll have us
dualisms will break down
and even an ultimate unity
will lose its meaning
for what is one
when there
is nothing