Gospel Down

The lessons of Jesus without the myth of Christ.

Since childhood, we have been inundated with and terrified by the strange saga of Jesus Christ.  The following 40 lessons are an attempt to divine the Gospel down to its fundamental spiritual impressions while omitting the miracles and mayhem which draw criticism and ridicule from the detractors of Christianity everywhere.

Critics of any religious movement are usually underinformed, but overdeveloped religions no doubt make themselves easy targets with their complicated modern rationalizations of simple past beliefs.  At the heart of each organizational history is a small group of individuals suffering under the prevailing authoritarian institutions of their day, searching for a spiritual escape from their persecuted predicaments.  In Christianity, a collection of disaffected desert freaks started a movement that would become the state religion of the Roman Empire in less than 300 years.  Forget turning water into wine.  Conversion on that scale in that timeframe is truly a miracle.  There must be something inherently pure at the root of any religion to inspire such imagination and fellowship.

I do not pretend to be a theologian, historian, philosopher, or even a marginally educated commentator.  I am simply a human raised in the Christian culture of the West, and this is my own interpretation of what I have read, and have chosen to include, of the Gospel.