Dogs 2007

ROOM 312

I was on
the second floor
of an old downtown
apartment building
built in the 30's
efficiencies all
fold out beds
stained carpets
steam heat radiators
and the continual smell
of roach spray
all lending
to the baleful

and a half years
I lived there
no phone
no car
no license
but usually a job
of some sort
and almost always
some cold beer
in the moldy

it was all
that I thought
I needed

I worked
second shift primarily
enjoying the fact
that I could get off work
drink until dawn
then watch the city
come to life at sunrise
the majority
starting their day
just as I was
about ready
to finish mine

feet up
on the sill
window open
I drained my last cans
while looking down
upon them
with their vehicles
their appearances
their shuffling feet
leading them toward
their destinations
of daily doom

I slept
that much better
knowing that they
were all busy
to keep
the machine running
for one