Dogs 2007


I lift
my legs high
in order to tame
the thick vegetation
that blocks
my way

I am off
the path

it would be
much simpler
to lazily remain
on the smooth surface
where others walk
with comfort
and calm
but then
I would be
among them
where no increase
of effort
or strain
in stride
would lessen
their impediment
to my

I notice
that though
the going gets easier
with each circuit
I make
trampling down
my inanimate foes
that those of my kind
seem to sense
the widening borders
of facility
the open space
and filling it
as soon
as it is
to them

even though
I have done
the work
I must dismiss
the result
my orbit
into thicker flora
limbs and leaves
tearing at my flesh
wounds I suffer gladly
rather than endure
the human abrasion
on my soul

my journey
only becomes
more arduous
as I avoid
the crowd
to wade deeper
into the overgrowth
furthering my distance
from the civilized
until they realize
that I am leading them
away from what they value
finally relegating me
to a jungle
of my disbelief

I never
wanted to be
a trailblazer

I only wish
to live alone
in peace

one day
I will run
out of wilderness
the sun filtering
through the canopy
to reveal a clearing
where once
there was only

of the trees
I will find
to greet me
only traveling
in the opposite

they will be
my own
and I
shall know
that my journey
has ended
by virtue
of its redundancy

no escape
I shall finally
be still
to fill myself
with the futility
of existence