Dogs 2007


workday done
he opened the door
to his apartment
walked through
an empty living room
to the kitchen
where he grabbed
a couple bottles
of beer
from the refrigerator
then went to his bedroom
closed the door
sat on the floor
and leaned back
against a wall

it was good
to be home

he turned on
the radio
resting on the carpet
beside him
and slowly
sucked down
the suds

he went
back and forth
twice more
to the kitchen
during the next hour
until he had finished
a six pack of beer
then went to the bathroom
to take a leak
before returning
to stretch out
on his sleeping bag
for a short nap

he awoke
at about 8pm
rolled over
and grabbed a book
from the group
lined up
on the floor
against the entire
west wall

analytic geometry

a good one
to get the brain

a half hour or so
he closed the textbook
and went to the bathroom
for a hot shower
it was about
to hit
the club
since the amateurs
should be gone
by now

and changed
he grabbed
another beer
on the way out
to the parking lot
where his car waited
in the best spot
by his estimation
that the complex
had to offer

he had chosen
his apartment
based solely
upon the parking place
to which he'd be entitled
and had to take
a two-bedroom
in order to get it
but he really
didn't care
for the first time
in his life
he could afford it

with no furniture
it didn't really matter
how many rooms
he had

he started
the car
and left
the lot
for the short
half mile drive

he had chosen
the apartment complex
based solely
upon its proximity
to his favorite

the beer finished
on the way
he was inside
and sitting at the bar
in a matter
of minutes
for yet

he was
only 22
there would be
plenty of time
for furniture
later on