Dogs 2007


it was
a beautiful
Sunday afternoon
but I was up
in my efficiency
drinking beer
feet propped
on the window sill
as I watched
the deserted downtown
shift in the
sinking sun

when you don't
belong anywhere
one place
was as good
as any

sporadic traffic
along the
an occasional
or a bird
flying by
my second floor
vantage point
were the only programs
to which
I had
in my TV-less

in the day
as the empties
piled high
I saw movement
across the highway
a big black bastard
loping along
with a lively
but unsure gait
a huge Rottweiler
apparently escaped
from a yard somewhere
not quite sure
what to do
with his
newfound freedom

he approached
Cheyenne Avenue
but a passing car
turned him around
then toward
the on-ramp
sloping down
toward the concrete
city canyon
of the roadway

bad choice

he picked up
a powerful beast
finally feeling
as if he was
getting somewhere
no doubt
and then
from my view

he would have
about a half mile
to go
before getting
to the next available
to open land
on either side

I wished him luck
then left
for a bathroom
and beer run

I felt the thud
more than
heard it
and the sick
sinking feeling
in my gut
wasn't because
of the excess
of alcohol

I zipped up
to the window
and leaned out
to see
an ebony
mound of fur
the eastbound
left-hand lane

no movement

at least
he was finished

I pulled
on my shoes
left the apartment
and took the stairs down
to the street

first time out
in the now
waning daylight

down the
exit ramp
on this side
of the expressway
weaving slightly
gave me
one of those
stupid feelings
that I often had
while drinking

and overintoxicated
were not
a good mix

a few cars honked
as I tight roped
the best I could
along the narrow

from the animal
I waited
for a more
than ample
clearing in traffic
before attempting
the recovery

running out
I grabbed
a big paw
and indelicately
drug the carcass
to the side

his coat
was beautiful
and there
were no signs
of external injuries
so I had
a fleeting thought
of taking him up
to my room for the night
for a proper wake
it didn't seem right
to just leave
him there

but no
that was idiotic
even in my

I did
push his tongue
back into his mouth
and close
his jaws
to present
a more dignified
for the highway crew
the next day

going back
up the ramp
I felt a tremendous
sense of loss
and doom

I was almost
out of