Dogs 2006


she wasn't pretty
standing there
on the corner
but she was hard
in a way
that I really liked
her terms were simple
$10 for a blowjob
out in the street
or $20 for a fuck
up in her room
and since
it was a cold night
I decided some warmth
would be welcomed
so I handed her
a twenty
and she led me

it was an old
NYC hotel
of course
and I followed her
up the narrow staircase
while watching the
holes in her nylons
and sores
on her legs

at the landing
I had to pay the man
another $5
for the rent
and we went down the hall
to enter her place
a one room affair
with a bathroom
all decorated
rather daintily
I thought
in contrast
to her public

as we began
to undress
the door burst open
her pimp angry
and demanding
his cut
grabbing the twenty
then calming immediately
asking if
she wanted

she mumbled something
and he left
returning a minute later
with a small bag
for her
and a big grin
for me
as I lay naked
on the bed

"have fun, Ace!"

it was good
to see my money
working so efficiently
in the local

we did
our business
and she offered to share
her coke with me
this hooker
with a heart
and I agreed
so she scooped out
a generous portion
onto an old copy
of TV Guide
I rolled a bill
and snorted the lines
off the cover photo
of some sitcom

we lay there
for a moment
in bed
savoring the buzz
and the warmth
of the room

it was nice

then she jumped up
and went to the bathroom
saying that
she had to get
back out there
as did I
but I dressed
savoring the last
of that strange
sense of

we walked
and she gave me
a hug goodbye
on the sidewalk
before we went
our separate

I was so glad
that I had worn
a condom