Dogs 2006


I'm standing there
waiting to cross
the busy boulevard
my patience piqued

gauging the flow
of oncoming traffic
in either direction
I sense a momentary opening
moving in relative obscurity
toward my position

I know
the opportunity
will be brief

my intention unannounced
I bolt into traffic
there's no room for error
everyone must stay
in their lanes
speed unaltered

I fly across
the four lanes
as much as
a 47 year old
can possibly fly

an outside observer
might say
I hobbled

as I cross
the opposing curb
I am gripped
with extreme elation
and a certain amount
of relief

I am
Bob Hayes
Carl Lewis

I haven't felt
so much alive
in quite some time

what the Hell
was I thinking?

I am out
for a healthy walk
not there to fulfill
a latent
death wish

as I slow back
to my "fast" walk
I notice a patrol car
lurking in an adjacent
parking lot
for speeders

the cop
shakes his head
in my direction
and I wonder at the existence
of any felony
jaywalking statutes

I recognize that shake
as one of disbelief
my reaction exactly
while witnessing so many times
rabbits and squirrels
making the same
mad dashes into traffic
barely escaping
a crushing fate

the upright
graying squirrel
in this case
has saved his nuts
for another