Dogs 2006


vision blurs
bones vibrate
waves of silent sound
press upon the living
as cacophonies of time
triggered by distant tremors
of an indiscriminate universe
communicate to all
the transitory nature
of this limited

the sun shines
an impotent light
a flickering flame
in a forgotten tent
lost in desert vast
emanating a pale
sickly yellow glow
that neither warms
nor nurtures
in the infinite winter
of an uncaring space
burning so closely
to absolute

our Sol
merely a latter link
in a cosmological chain
destined to follow the lead
so long ago initiated
by an unseen hand
that imparted no plan
or seeming order
to all subsequent
motion and

the galaxy grinds
the insignificant matter
seeking to understand
its inner workings
as sibling star clusters
and dense darknesses
join in the slaughter
of such shortsighted
at the feeble attempts
with inferior superiority
ignoring their own
similar sentence
of slow death
in the void

knowing this
we should still rest
each long dark night
secure in the certainty
that all time
is now
in the cradle
of our creator