Dogs 2006


monday morning
back at the desk
time to open the email
and get started

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nothing too work related
in that bunch
cheap pants I have
bonus to an online casino
that I'll never visit
don't wear watches
my smell
is not the reason why
I'm not getting laid
more gambling… no thanks
my mortgage rate OK already
(I think)
is there a pill for that?


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I buy
store brands only
NO again to casinos
what a battle!
who would care?
I'm already
a skinny waste case
don't drink
but thanks anyway
I could really use
those 23 lbs
if anyone's
losing them


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I need a pill
that will get me to the point
where I'd need
a blue pill
financing the first time
was agony enough
show your report
to an executive somewhere
not me
my unit?
functional not joyous
my dog house
stands empty
Cialis Soft Tabs?
isn't that oxymoronic?
Prozac possibly
if many more


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casinos just give away the cash apparently
what kind of test is it?
just don't watch sports
getting laid… maybe
not loud enough?
oh, THAT volume
I've lost my appetite already
sorting through these emails
oh that again
recharge your volume
I guess


this company is moving and shaking, get in while you can
get that ocean anatomy
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* Xanax bestseller *
are you overjoyed with your thing
Who will be the big winner this week?

THIS company
would be moving and shaking
if not so clogged
with daily emails
there are only
skinny fish
in the ocean
all I need is the wind
with the action I get
I deserve a new bar
bestseller on who's list?
really want to know
whom to avoid
there's that joy thing again
this week's barely started
and I'm already
the big loser


if could only
the disillusionment
and begin