Dogs 2006


I awake
from total darkness
and silence

I am sitting
but I am also

I'm riding
in a car

I sit behind
the wheel

I'm driving
a car

the day is bright

too bright

the colors brilliant

at my eyes

I'm driving down
a residential street
but I don't know

I see a stoplight
up ahead
gratefully red
allowing me to pause
and see a street sign

the cross street
is E 41st St
I make a left
on a whim
when the light

I am driving
down 41st Street

this is Tulsa

I'm in Tulsa

I'm driving
in Tulsa

on 41st Street

the sunlight
has subsided
a bit
and I no longer
need to squint
just to see

I'm nearing
a major intersection

Lewis Avenue

I turn right

Mom lives
just off
Lewis Avenue

I'm going
to Mom's

she has
brain cancer

she needs
my help