Dogs 2006


I drove home
from work
radio off
no CD playing
for a change
the windows
rolled up
on a cool and rainy
November night
buffering most
of the noise
from the wet

the world reduced
to a pleasant
muffled contrivance

a long reach
from the
sound-starved maniac
seeking out
aural excitations
on a continual basis
sensing a horrible vacuum
in each painful pause
of life's cacophony

music was needed
just to sleep
a soundtrack of madness
to quieten
the chaotic

what was considered
as silence
is actually filled
with wondrous
creaks and groans
an unassuming undercurrent
practically inaudible
unless complete stillness
is achieved

one day
even these murmurs
will become onerous
and the only relief
will be the absolute
of death

but today
I shall enjoy
the symphony stirring
in each
silent moment