Dogs 2006


there's this mist
you see
hanging there
in the air
an amorphous mass almost
but not quite visible
about two feet
or so
from my face
and always
directly between me
and any person
to whom
I wish
to commune

this cloud
of convolution
twists and contorts
meanings and expressions
which are so clear
in my mind
to the point
where the receiver
creases their brow
and frowns a bit
maybe stepping back
a few paces
as my message
filters through
and unwelcome

it's a shame
I have so many
witty things to say
but they just don't

when I'm alone
this distorting gas
splits into two
settling around
each of my hands
causing them to rebel
against every thought
and idea
and writing
words and phrases
totally inappropriate
to the intended
subject matter

the witnesses
of these missives
are clearly confused
as their responses indicate
they have failed to grasp
some salient point
or comic jewel
apparently warped
by these unruly
of maldexterous

even this
is doomed
to obfuscation
and I fear
that some will laugh
and some take offense
when I am simply
attempting to communicate
a counterindicated premise
it will never
be understood

to be quiet
in the darkness
where the cloud
holds no power
and leaves
me be