Dogs 2006


I was walking
in an overly lit
shopping mall
which seemed strange
since those locations
were not on my
most traveled list

I wasn't quite sure
of my purpose there
so I navigated a line
as straight as possible
through the crowd
of shoppers


it was Tamara
smiling widely
reaching for me
with an enthusiastic hug

"where have you been?"

I said nothing
since I didn't
have an answer
but we strolled
in sideways embrace
and a warmth
spread through me
as our eyes locked

I felt joy

I had always known
that we belonged together
and apparently
so did she

wait a minute

what had happened
to her new boyfriend?
why are we together like this
after almost two years?
how did this all
come to be?

the alarm sounds
and I roll over
in an empty bed
to turn it off

my steps echo
as I trudge through
an underpopulated home
to prepare for
another day