Dogs 2006


out on the streets
in the early darkness
of a time change winter
middle of the city
but gratefully alone
other citizens choosing
the comfort of cars
or their homes

the cold
December air
causes quite a contrast
between the street lights
and the black night
well defined envelopes
that deliver Christmas cards
of snowglobe vignettes
punctuated by
sharp shadows
of sarcasm

dead leaves
cloy the gutters
a frigid breeze stirring
a few of them
but most
a wet matted mass
that would remain there
drying through the season
to greet the spring
in mummified

the hiss
of tires
announce the approach
of a nearing vehicle
headlights visible
as it rounds
a corner
the occupants
view the lone figure
with wonder
and disbelief

in their spacecraft
unable to comfortably exist
in the inhospitable atmosphere
of this foreign

tail lights gone
and silence returned
the sole inhabitant
strolls in peace
alone again
in superior