Dogs 2006


with nails of glass
she claws her escape
from the cloying captivity
of consciousness
angry and anxious
at her lengthy
waking sentence

she perches
upon my chest
her realm of night
and studying
my sleeping face
at its peaceful

she exhales
a sweet breath
and watches the twitching
of my receptive nostrils
as they consume
her aromatic nectar

her eyes narrow
and her emanations
turn acidic
furrows in my forehead
relaying my displeasure
at shifting smells

she digs
her pointed fingernails
into either side
of my rib cage
to gather purchase
as I began to twist
and contort
at the visions
and sounds
she has fed me
my eyelids
barely contain
the tachyoptic fits

she leans forward
to savagely kiss
and open
my worried lips
taking tongue and soul
between her teeth
to forever
leave scars
of her visit

I awake
with a scream
bringing hands
to face in defense
then to mouth
to remove the
obstruction which
suffocates me

as I rediscover
she snickers derisively
from beneath my bed

he is too easy
she thinks
the time has come
for worthier