Dogs 2006


I admit
every day
that I am
over society
and that my life
becomes unmanageable
when I try to become
a practicing part
of the population

I believe
that a power
greater than myself
restores me to sanity
when I focus upon
that order alone
and not those
about me

I make
a continual decision
to turn my will
and my life
over to the care of God
based entirely upon
the natural consequences
of my own actions

I made
a searching
and fearless
moral inventory
of myself
realizing that
most of my defects
were the results
of twisted attempts
to belong

I admitted
to God
to myself
and to another
human being
the exact nature
of my wrongs
and then conceded
that my confession
was one
of self

I became
entirely ready
to have God cut
all connections
with those
about me

I humbly asked God
to remove my desire
for the company
of others

I made a list
of all person
I had harmed
and became willing
to make amends
to them all
to delete them
from my diminishing circle
of acquaintances

I make direct amends
to such people
wherever possible
vowing to never
see them

I continue
to take personal inventory
and when I am wrong
promptly admit it
and walk away
for good

I seek
through prayer and meditation
to improve my conscious
contact with God
the absolute
offering only
prayers of thanks
for what is placed
before me today
and accepting
that I hold
no power

I have small
and infrequent
spiritual awakenings
as the result
of these steps
and share them
with no one
but endeavor
to practice
these principles
in all of my