Dogs 2006


they appeared
one day
during that first
cold snap of October
two wasps
circling my kitchen
how they got in
I do not know
my ignorance of insects
surpassed only
by my ignorance
of humans

as the cold
rainy days
my flying friends
began losing energy
and instead of buzzing around
and bumping into me occasionally
they became quite content
to hang by the window
from a suspended gewgaw
given to me by one
of my very ex

they hung there
moving less and less
and clinging more and more
to each other
as if their shared
anything wasp
was the last thing
that they had
to prove
their existence

I would blow
pulse-taking breaths
across them
now and again
having to concentrate
to discern
any minute movement
that counted them
among the living
and while
having failed
that first night
to capture them
for subsequent release
their very immobility later
seemed a holy thing
and something that
I was reluctant
to disturb

the morning
of day four
of the occupation
the weather finally lifted
and as I left for work
I opened the screenless
kitchen window
but feared
their strength
so diminished
that I would probably
discover upon my return
tiny corpses in the sink
and not
their absence
owing to some flight
of freedom

but somehow
those two inert insects
were gone that evening
and as I secured
the frame of panes
to prevent further
I felt alone
for the first time
in years

I will miss them