Dogs 2006


we have all
run across them
once or twice
in our lifetimes
people living
on either edge
of morality
seemingly born
to their callings

the truly good
of biblical proportions
giving their last crust of bread
to those they deem needy
without any thought
of their own
next meal
all the while
thanking God
for the opportunity

the truly bad
just as much
of biblical proportions
shooting someone in the face
because they were simply
in the way
that particular day
not feeling a hint
of remorse or regret
unconcerned with consequences
cursing God
for the importunity

the rest of us
in the majority
not between
the extremes
but supporting them both
making equally possible
the saints and sinners
providing lost souls
and innocent victims
for those opposites
all the while unsure
of our own place
in the schizophrenic
scheme of personality

we are capable
of minor immaculate acts
and major misdemeanors
all based upon
a sliding scale
of circumstance
and emotion
but no matter
how far we stray
from our centered natures
we very rarely break free
to join the chosen
of Heaven
or Hell

count me ugly
but never underestimate
my potential
to swing seriously
sublime or sadistic
in less time
and for less reason
than a tear falling
from the fluttering eye
of a broken heart

let's go