Dogs 2006


it started
in school
a propensity
for doing well
on written tests
reducing a pedagogic purgatory
to a walk-through drill
a few semi-clever lies
covering up the fact
that I had no idea
what was really
going on
in class

after 12 years
I graduated 6th
in a class of 200
and as I received my diploma
my standing was announced
and many heads shook
in confused disbelief
both those of legitimate
honor roll students
and those of the drunks
and the derelicts
who knew me

I got older
the lies became
much less clever
and my ability to fool
those who might judge me
waned miserably
with the waxing
in alcohol consumption
and deterioration
in attitude

these days
though drinking done
and attitude much improved
I still muddle through
with minimal effort
not seeing the point
in applying myself
towards thoughts
and actions
and obvious

I am apathetic
and detached
but at least
I know

just don't ask me
to explain