Dogs 2006


he learned
of her death
from the newspaper
and not from one
of her few close friends
or from any of her many
casual acquaintances
him being
out of the loop
for years

he fell somewhere
in between
the two groups
he guessed
and although
they had coupled
on countless occasions
she slipped into sex detached
as an involuntary diversion
always the first
to pull away
so that he never
fooled himself
into thinking
that she considered
them close
at all

in the end
she chose her addiction
over him
as if there was ever
any choice
for her

having arrested
his own particular disease
he knew what she saw
eyes open or closed
and it definitely

he loved her
for her heart
of cold
and now
that she was gone
he was finally
as close to her
as he could
ever be