Dogs 2006


he didn't look
like a bright child
in fact
his vacant stare
and half-opened mouth
hinted at
the contradictory

when his parents
would take him
to the park
or other
outdoor venues
he stumbled about aimlessly
without any intent
of destination
or diversion

he was hardly
ever alone
for in season
the butterflies found him
they loved him
you see
and they would surround
his large head
fluttering about
in their erratic orbits
never landing
but continuously following
his every action
and inaction

at those
infrequent times
when he might actually
find a reason
to run and play
they would trail out
behind him
like a colorful scarf
stretched out
in a breeze

would stop
and marvel
at the sight
but the boy
never seemed to take notice
of the amorous insects
so accustomed
he had grown
to their presence
that he really
never saw them
at all

if you watched
the show
for any amount of time
you would take notice
that although the butterflies
seemed to surround him equally
that they were all
constantly jostling
for a favored position
directly in front
of his unfocused

it was
as if somewhere
in that milky blue emptiness
that they sensed something
a connection perhaps
to their origin
or possibly
to their end

in his eyes
they simply saw
a better reflection
of the neverending