Dogs 2006


an awkward position
for this damaged soul
I sat there
listening to another man's
account of past indiscretions
a list in which many ways
matched my own

I would
nod my head
uttering a few encouragements
from time to time
to keep him
from faltering

as in my case
several years ago
there was nothing new revealed
even though this man
as did I
considered such sins

when he finished
he looked to me
for some sign
of affirmation

all I could tell him
was what I was told
to continue to the next step
and to keep working

I resisted
the temptation
to add
"and sin no more"

I could already
see his load lightened
and his smile showed me
that the process
had achieved
the desired effect

amazing really

such a simple solution
after all the doctors
treatment centers
jails and prisons failed
to provide any answers

two disturbed individuals
in a small room
in the middle of nowhere
finding some deliverance
from a fatal judgement
of disease

as it all began
not so long