Dogs 2005


the raking
is difficult
and laborious
but I remember
that only yesterday
the leaves were
dry and light
ready for a quick
and disposal

a rain
of procrastination
soaked these little chores
creating a much larger job
than was present
when the time
was at hand
and the fallings
were fresh

the heavy
and clinging
load of today
is overwhelming
making me wonder
if the labor
can be worth
the result

the ease
of the undertaking
would have filled me
with accomplishment
and a sense of action
but now
I plod along
hoping for progress
where none
is evident

leaves fall
in my clean wake
and the clouds
conspire again
on the horizon
laughing at my illusion
of any nearing
toward perfection

oh for the chance
to turn the clock back
and set fire to it all
burning the work away
along with any shelter
but at least
leaving me free
to once again
wander a planet
where the leaves
stick to nothing
that is me

heal to toe
without recrimination
until even the grip
on this uncertain
rake of rationalization
loosens to point
of release

the clouds
will part
and the sunlight
of insanity
will dry
my sins