Dogs 2005


it begins
as almost
a physical pain
but when you look around
you realize that it's only
the tortuous beginning
of another workweek
the pain
in this case
lays mainly
in the brain

going through
the morning routine
is enough most days
to bring tears to your eyes
but after another weekend
that passes much too quickly
day one of the ordeal
seems a true crime
what a bad freaking joke
we've played on ourselves
fodder for industry's cannon
expendable drones
mindlessly meeting
our weekly

the commute
is another chore
each intersection
a possible escape route
each traffic snarl
a reason to divert
but no
the car carries you
relentlessly forward
to a certain demise
at your place
of employment

the parking lot
seems a last stand
looking around
at the trees
the sky
the birds
one last view of nature
before entering that
climate controlled
fluorescent flooded
Muzak ridden purgatory
the waning moon
setting in the west
a final laugh
from the night
now gone

through the doors
down the hall
to your work station
work bench
work area
or whatever
cage of commerce
in which you'll serve
the next 8
or 12 hours
the world
closes in
as your destination

in my case
I sit at a desk
and my last sign of resistance
before beginning
the daily dance
is to